Flash Gordon in Space

Flash Gordon in Space 1967

1967 is the year of "Baytekin Fezada Çarpışanlar / Flash Gordon - Battle in Space" in which director Şinasi Özonuk tries hardly,despite a very low budget,to come up with a space Opera.

Edison's Frankenstein

Edison's Frankenstein 1990

Thoroughly researched remake of the first screen version of Mary Shelley's story. Blending visual nightmare & Gothic romance, it tells this much trampled tale more as Jekyll and Hyde ghost story. A look at one man's struggle with the inadequacies of solitary creation.


GGG 2011

United States of Europe in year 2088. Elenna is unemployed. She lives like everybody in a standard habitation unit, managed by the artificial intelligence system LOG. She knows that her social utility is low, and that if the system decides to demote her grade to GGG - She is in danger.