L'étoile rouge

L'étoile rouge

Pan Dongzi est un petit garçon vivant une enfance heureuse dans son petit village de Liuxi. La révolution éclate, et son père est arrêté par les soldats du tyran Hu Hansan. Lorsque Hu envahira son village, Pan n'aura d'autre choix que de s'enfuir avec sa mère. Au cours de ce voyage, Pan fera l'expérience de la tristesse, de la peur, de la violence et de la mort, mais également de la joie et du courage...

Saul of Tarsus

Saul of Tarsus 1990

Saul of Tarsus is one of the most dramatic stories of repentance found in the Bible. Rabbi Gamaliel is unable to convince his friend Saul, the arch-enemy and persecutor of Christians, to mend his ways. Saul is changed forever when the resurrected Lord miraculously appears to him on the Road to Damascus. Saul becomes reborn as Paul, one of the greatest missionaries and apostles ever for Jesus Christ’s gospel.


Esther 1993

God chooses a young woman, the kind and beautiful Esther, to save His people from destruction. Queen Esther, however, has to risk her life to do God’s will. Esther’s courage and wisdom are rewarded by God as tragedy turns to triumph and celebration for God’s people.

John the Baptist

John the Baptist 1990

John the Baptist is a story of courage and conviction seen through the life of one of God’s greatest prophets who gave everything to prepare the way for the Lord. It begins with the blessing John’s birth was to his aged parents. John grows in strength and integrity as he stands against political and spiritual adversity to preach the coming of the Lord. Finally, John beholds and baptizes Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Lloyd's Lunchbox 3

Lloyd's Lunchbox 3 1997

Lloyd returns once again in this third animation to wreak even more havoc on himself. Includes teeth pulling, shooting himself in a cannon, stepping on nails and more.

Lloyd's Lunchbox 2

Lloyd's Lunchbox 2 1997

In this equally sick and twisted animation sequel to Lloyd's lunchbox, Lloyd bites off his finger eating his snot, flays his fingertips attempting to clean his nails, farts out his intestines and more.

Brian's Brain

Brian's Brain 1993

A boy born without the top of his head endures the ridicule of his peers at school and seeks a way for acceptance.

Cult Classic

Cult Classic 1993

Chainsaw Bob is given permission to create his latest masterpiece at the Waco compound in Texas. Mass carnage ensues...