Schöne Aussicht

Schöne Aussicht 2007

The Berlin teacher Anna Wiegand takes over the management of the elementary school of a contemplative Black Forest village. But the attempt of the dedicated teacher to bring a fresh breeze into the well-worn school life, met with her stubborn colleagues in the province on little love. When Anna also approaches the local size, Count Alexander von Schönberg, whose daughter reveals a long covered reading weakness, she finally brings him up against her.

The Red Spider

The Red Spider 1988

A cop is found dead in a hotel, brutally murdered, a spider cut into his stomach. The police believes his death might be connected to the fact that he was a dirty cop - the internal affairs commission already was after him - but then several other people are murdered in the very same way, and there seems to be no connection between the cases. The police seeks for a blonde woman among the prostitutes.


Psy-Warriors 1981

Soldiers are captured and interrogated by terrorists: but is it real or only a sadistic form of psychological training exercise?

The Master Ninja 5

The Master Ninja 5 1985

Lee Van Cleef stars as John Peter McAllister, who as a reverend master of the Ninja warrior society, deserts the order the order to search for his missing daughter in the U.S.

The Perfect Getaway

The Perfect Getaway 1998

Colt Erickson is a helicopter pilot who's hired by a woman to fly her around. But suddenly she pulls a gun on him and tells Colt to land in the nearby prison. When they do one of the inmates goes in and she tells Colt to go but the guards shoot at the copter damaging it. So it crashes. Colt sees the man she broke out is Randy Savino a guy he knows. They are now trapped in the desert. Colt's girlfriend Julia is approached by the FBI who tell her about the break out. She says Colt wouldn't do that. That's when they reveal that Colt and Savino's past and that Colt has been making trips across the border. So it seems that the Feds are treating Colt like a suspect so Julia tries to find him herself.

Toni Costa - Kommissar auf Ibiza: Küchenkunst

Toni Costa - Kommissar auf Ibiza: Küchenkunst 2012

Ibiza police commissioner Toni Costa cancels his holiday, a rare chance to be with his daughter, to investigate the stabbing murder of the sous-chef in José Arrabal's reputed restaurant. Costa finds, just in time to save stealing uniformed cop Manolo's kids, that this was a collateral killing, because he was in the way for another murder by poisoned dessert at Arrabal's wedding to gold-digger Carmen. Arrabal leans on his fiend the police chief to close the case, but Costa rightly suspects more crimes and digs on for possible motives concerning restaurant rating blackmail, infidelity and old grudges. Written by KGF Vissers

Sanctuary of Fear

Sanctuary of Fear 1979

A Manhattan priest with a penchant for solving crimes goes to the aid of a young actress. She is becoming enmeshed in a series of bizarre incidents she can't explain, and her complaints to the police have gone ignored.