Cyber Coolies

Cyber Coolies 2006

A documentary about young people from rural China who get payed to improve World of Warcraft characters for kids in the West.

De ondergang van de Onan

De ondergang van de Onan 1976

Dick Bakker convinces Onno Bosman to produce a stage show about the sinking of the cruise ship 'Onan' and hires Fred Haché, Barend Servet, Sjef van Oekel and Ir. Van der Pik to star.

Fighting for Gemma

Fighting for Gemma 1993

When a four year old and other children in same neighborhood develop leukaemia, the parents suspect a nearby factory. Based on real events.

Hochzeit zu viert

Hochzeit zu viert 2001

14 years ago, the two couples Lukas and Susanne and Johanna and Markus met at the registry office. Since then, they have been celebrating their anniversary together each year. But the beautiful appearance of the harmonious marital happiness deceives. When the two women find out that their husbands go alien, Lukas and Markus are left by their partners. After a year you meet again. "Wedding four" is a great melodrama about two couples who find each other in a roundabout way. With Harald Krassnitzer, Renee Soutendijk, Michaela May and Elmar Wepper.

Bella Familia: Umtausch ausgeschlossen

Bella Familia: Umtausch ausgeschlossen 2013

In the fourth film with Andrea Sawatzki as a newly invented housewife and mother Bella Jung, Bella faces a new, completely unexpected challenge: her father Friedrich. After 14 years without contact, he is suddenly drunk and destitute in front of Bella's door.

Meurtre au ralenti

Meurtre au ralenti 1959

Berthon, racing driver, is committed to the 24 Hours of Le Mans while Genevieve, his wife, has been trying for years to convince him to retire. Desperate, she became the mistress of his brother, always jealous of his elder.

Herz in Flammen

Herz in Flammen 2002

Although Frank and Beate are the last two real romantics under the sun, their love initially fails because of a hair-raising misunderstanding. Disillusioned, Beate turns her back on men and emotions to pursue a career as a sober business journalist. When she researches a dubious love novel author a few years later, she has no idea that her great love Frank hides behind her pseudonym.